Medical Record Retrieval Technology
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Our patented, proprietary technology platform is the core of Verscend’s success. Our exclusive, cutting edge systems facilitate every process needed for the successful retrieval, storage, and exchange of medical records and health information. Whether it’s our team doing the work on your behalf, or your own team utilizing our patented systems to deliver results, Verscend’s technology enables clients to custom-select the needed services and systems best suited for their unique needs:


RapidRetrieve gives you unlimited online access to all of Verscend’s tools and resources. Request records and track progress—anytime, from anywhere in the world.


RapidReview, gives you the ability to review and annotate medical records and to abstract health information into electronic forms, giving greater management, greater control, and complete process transparency.


Verscend provides HIE hosting and exchange services to health payers, medical providers, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, caregivers, consumers, government agencies, and all other stakeholders in the healthcare continuum.