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Mediconnect Partner Program

Mediconnect values the role partners play in servicing the legal and insurance industries.

The Mediconnect Partner Program was designed to not only attract the emerging and top-brand businesses servicing the legal and insurance industries to partner with Mediconnect, but also help our current partners to become more successful by ensuring they receive the proper tools, training and support needed to offer premier medical record retrieval services.

There are two types of partnerships that Mediconnect offers:

Mediconnect Integration Partners

Integration Partners most often include software vendors that develop practice management and case management solutions for both the legal and insurance industries, as well as IT solution providers that develop custom integration projects and build custom vertical solutions. Mediconnect offers these partners integration tools, testing environments, and developer support for our APIs to help streamline the process of extending their software applications to include medical record retrieval capabilities.

Mediconnect Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners most often include companies and consultants who find value in being able to recommend a variety of additional products and services that create solutions for their clients' most pressing needs. Mediconnect offers these partners an opportunity to resell a premier suite of medical record retrieval services and share in the revenue generated from their referred clients.

Many of Mediconnect's Integration Partners also elect to become Mediconnect Reseller Partners.

If you are interested in more information about becoming a Mediconnect Integration and/or Reseller Partner, please email

If you have any specific questions about Mediconnect's Partner Program and would like to talk to someone directly, please contact Adam Casto at (801) 545-3702.